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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  December 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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families have been damaged or destroyed. the first rournd of voting on a new constitution to egypt is over. round two happens next weekend. egypt's ruling freedom and justice party says most people that went to the polls this weekend voted in favor of the draft charter. rights group say there have been complaints of voter intimidation, bribery and other violations. back at home and really back at home this mom is from afghanistan back from the war, and she gave her kids an early holiday surprise. watch. >> pull those blindfolds off, guys. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome petty officer issa. she's been in afghanistan. >> just in time for the holidays. i'll have more news from around the world in 15 minutes. our coverage of the newtown, connecticut shooting continues right now.
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good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. we want to well koom viewers from the united states and those joining us from around the world this morning. you're watching our special coverage of the connecticut school shooting here in newtown. we're live in newtown, connecticut. >> here in newtown the president will be coming later today. he's expected to meet with some of the victims of the families and he will speak at a vigil tonight remembering the victims. president obama spoke about the hea heartbreak hours after the shooting on friday and again during his weekly address yesterday. now, of course, we have the names of all the victims in this shooting. there were 20 children, all of them were just 6 or 7 years old. there's been a fund set up to help the families of the victims. here's the address if you'd like to send a donation, the sandy hook school support fund, 39 main street in newtown, the zip code is 06470.
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>> meanwhile, investigators here in newtown are trying to piece it altogether. they found more information on the shooter, but still no motivate. we get more now from cnn national correspondent susan candiotti following the investigation. >> reporter: investigators are learning more each day that may explain what led 20-year-old aid dam lanza to launch a vicious attack on young children and adults at an elementary school. >> our investigators at the crime scene, the school, and secondarily at the secondary crime scene that we discussed where the female was located deceased did produce some very good evidence in this investigation that our investigators will be able to use and hopefully paint a complete picture as to how and more importantly why this occurred. >> police won't say what the evidence is. however, investigators have been checking out gun ranges and sporting goods stores. they followed a lead the shooter tried to buy a gun tuesday at
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this location. after searching store surveillance videos, the tip didn't pan out. >> to date atf had not uncovered any information that would substantiate the fact he tried to acquire guns recently. we're out there actively investigating. >> reporter: federal gun agents also said they recovered weapons at the home the shooter shared with his mother. sources say three more guns were found. these three rifle models all older. they're being traced. at least one has been connected to the mother. three more weapons were discovered with the shooter in a classroom where he took his own life. according to law enforcement officials the two handguns and semi-automatic long run called a bushmaster were callbought lega. they say it was used to kill several victims. >> i only did 7 autopsies. the victims ranged from 3 to 11 wounds a piece and only two are
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close range shooting. all the shooting at in the time were caused by the long weapon. >> susan candiotti is joining us live. what do we know about what investigators are looking into today and what they're doing today? >> well, we know that they will be continuing to pound the streets chasing down more leading they tell us. for example, going to more gun stores and more gun ranges to see whether the suspected shooter in this case spent in time there in the days leading up to the shooting. ultimately to try to learn what was in his mind to make him target so many innocent lives. back to you. >> susan candiotti, thank you so much. >> for a lot of people right now, of course, the biggest question is why? why did the shooter kill this mother and then walk into the elementary school and kill 26 more people including 20
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children, all 6 and 7 years old. brian todd spoke with some people who knew the quiet 20-year-old. brian tried to dig for some answers. >> reporter: his motivate for this unspeakable act is still not clear. law enforcement officials say that. in digging for details about shooter adam lanza and his family accounting emerge that are confusing and conflicting. a neighbor who knew him in recent years describes him as troubled but listen to this account from a young man that knew him. >> he was just a kid. >> just a kid? >> just a kid. >> never antisocial? >> no. >> troublemaker? >> no, definitely not. >> noticeable? did he blend into the background. >> yeah. nothing that would warrant any of this. >> ryan craft says he baby sats adam about ten years ago when he was ten and he was 15. he described him as focused,
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quiet, introverted. he never saw evidence of vie bens but said lanza did throw the occasional temper tantrum. >> he wouldn't like that and he would not want to stop watching tv. i guess at 10 years old most are out of that phase, and that wasn't the case for adam. >> craft was only a year older than adam's older brother ryan. he says their mother told them to let ryan do whatever he wanted, but as for adam -- >> what i remember clearly is that nancy always asked me to always be with him in the room no matter what. don't go to the bathroom, don't ever leave him without supervision. >> craft says adam had a contentious relationship with his mother, nancy. she split from the father who is described by the job networking website linked in at tax director at ge financial services. craft says nancy was an engaged mother always setting up play dates and taking part in
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activities. neighbors and friends said she enjoyed gardening and took time off from a job in finance. >> just like anybody else in this neighborhood. decorate the house and the house was always, you know, pristine. she was like any other housewife. >> but like her son, there are gaps in nancy's story that still need to be filled in. she owned the weapons that adam lanza used in the killings including a semi-automatic rifle and it's not clear why she purchased them. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> thank you so much. many here in newtown are heading to church services this morning to seek comfort and mourn the loss of their loved ones. we know 12 little girls and 8 boys were shot to death inside sandy hook elementary school. all of them were either 6 or 7 years old. >> among them was e emilie park. she was an exceptional artist
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that carried around artists and pencils. her father said he gave her a good-bye kiss the last time he saw her alive. >> six adults lost their lives in this tragedy between 27 and 56 years old. that includes 47-year-old principal dawn hochsprung who was married and had two daughters and three stepdaughters. one parent said hochsprung was always smiling. >> the psychologist had a history of working with disabled adults. she was married for 30 years and loved to garden. 30-year-old lauren russo was hired as a permanent substitute teacher. her mother said she always dreamed of teaching and will miss her terribly and take comfort knowing she had achieved that dream. >> the whole town is grieving for these victims. the whole world is grieving for these victims. even as their own children try
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to come to grips with the horror of what has happened here. we have more on the struggle to cope with this tragic loss. >> it's just so sad how quickly all that can be taken away from you in a heartbeat. >> reporter: grief has settled in for the parents. >> it's just so senseless. >> reporter: rather than do nothing, laura can at least lay flowers and be grateful that her own children don't seem to understand. a luxury of the very young that most don't have. a small community they all seem to know a victim, some directly. >> last night we -- it was unusual, because they didn't respond on the phone calls and messages. last night we simply called. it's the worst. >> reporter: trying to cope and connect, signs are everywhere in the town's center, this one
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marked east lost victim counting up to 27 including the shooter's mother another reminded it wasn't just children lost. mandy is thinking of the principal. her 9-year-old son at the school. >> we moved here in the middle of the school year and she was so kind to my son. >> david king's daughter went to preschool with the children at sandy hook elementary. >> i'm just afraid to look at it to recognize and see the names of our little one's playmates. >> reporter: he sent his daughter to a different element israel school, a stroke of fate on a day when parents look for answers where there are none. >> it's heart-wrenching right now. it's not easy to swallow what's going on in my backyard. >> we've seen many makeshift memorials honoring victims really everywhere throughout the town and many other towns. later today there's another vigil for the victims, and again, president obama will be here to speak at that event.
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for more information on how you can help those affected by the shooting, you can go to c >> we're going sov other news after the break, and there is a lot going on in the world including news of a possible nomination for secretary of state. we will have that news when we come back. [ woman ] dear cat, your hair mixes with pollen and dust. i get congested. but now, with zyrtec-d®, i have the proven allergy relief of zyrtec®, plus a powerful decongestant. zyrtec-d® lets me breath freer, so i can love the air. [ male announcer ] zyrtec-d®. behind the pharmacy counter. no prescription needed.
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reflection. the nation remembering the victims of this connecticut school shooting. everyone doing it in their own way, but shock waves from this senseless school massacre that
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left 20 children and 6 adults led, the shockwaves are felt far beyond our borders. many world leaders offering their condolences. >> president obama, the bereaved families, the people of america, the people of israel grieve with you. >> it is almost beyond comprehension that such a happy place could be reduced to a place of death and terror, but that is what we have seen today. our heart-felt sympathies go to those families who have lost a child, to those families that have lost a loved ones and those families now trying to counsel their young children witness to such shocking scenes and would be so distressed as a result. >> in brazil 26 crosses were placed in the sand on rio dejannero on the famous beach all the way up in connecticut.
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we'll bring much more on the school shooting tragedy, but first a lot of other news. let's go to strik for blackwell for the latest on all the other stories. good morning. >> good morning. 16 days before the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff, but there could be a deal in washington. a source close to the talks tells cnn house speaker john boehner is willing to hike taxes on the wealthiest americans. that's something the president says must be part of any plan. speaker boehner previously called tax increases on the top 2% a nonstarter. this week president obama is expected to nominate senator john kerry as his next secretary of state. the massachusetts democrat has served in the senate for almost 30 years. he's been chairman of the senate foreign relations committee for the past four years. the massachusetts governor duvall patrick would name a replacement until a special election. outgoing secretary of state
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hillary clinton is resting at home after suffering a concussion. she's been battling a stomach virus and fainted after becoming dehydrated. her office said it's not severe but will skip he her appearance in front of house foreign affairs committee this week. she was scheduled to testify on thursday about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya on september 11th. more gunshots. this time the frightening incident was at a shopping mall parking lot at newport beach, california. a man in the parking lot fired 50 shots in the air. this happened yesterday. stores that were filled with with holiday shoppers, those doors were locked quickly. no one was hit by the bullets, but one person suffered minor injuries getting out of the way. the suspect is in custody, but police have not given a reason for the shooting.
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nelson mandela is recovering after surgery to remove gallstones. they say the procedure was successful. the 94-year-old has been in the hospital since last weekend because of aa recurring lung infection. mr. mandela was awarded the nobel peace prize and spent almost three decades in prison for opposing apartheid. let's go back to cnn's john berman and kate in newtown, connecticut. >> thank you so much, victor. we'll see you again for more news in a little bit. a 27-year-old teacher came face to face with a gunman at sandy hook, and it's what she did next that grateful parents say shaved their children's lives. now she's remembered as a true hero.
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there was a moment of silence last night before the miami heat game. the players took the court with their own children in hand. it was their way of paying tribute to the children killed here in newtown, connecticut. also today several nfl teams will honor those very victims. the new york jets, the giants, and the new england patriots are also planning tributes. one of the teachers who died at sandy hook elementary school is being hailed around the world for her bravery.
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♪ amazing grace >> hundreds sang "amazing grace" for victoria soto in her own hometown of stratford, connectic connecticut. she moved her sturnts away from the classroom door. to protect the children she faced the gunman when he stormed in. i spoke yesterday with two parents whose son by what they call a miracle made it out of that classroom aalive. >> when they heard noises that he described as initially they thought were hammers falling, then they realized that it was gunshot. and miss soto, who was aidan's teach, had the presence of mind to move all the children to a
5:24 am
distance away from the door on the side of the room furthest away from the door. that's when the gunman burst in, did not say a word, no facial expressions, and proceeded to shoot their teacher. they basically ran right next to the guy and out the door. >> they ran past the gunman? >> they ran past the guy. he's still standing in the door, and they ran past him and ran down the hallway. they're one of the closest rooms to the main entrance, and aidan was -- had the presence of mind to hold the door for one of his classmates and then there was another classmate that was a little behind and waited for him and then they all ran to the road, to the main road. >> do you think he knows what the -- that you likely did not -- >> he keeps asking about her. he's reassuring himself that she's going to be okay. he really, really, really cared about his teacher.
5:25 am
he was very close with her, and she really loved the class. he keeps saying i really hope she's okay. i hope it's not her. he knows that she's been hurt, but he doesn't know the end result. he knows the kids that he saw getting shot. he doesn't know the outcome. so i think he's reassuring himself in his 6-year-old mind, processing it. i think he's reassuring himself. i think he's telling himself that it's going to be okay. we had to put the sign out on the front asking people not to ring the doorbell because he still hasn't internalized the fact that this gunman, bad guy is gone. he wants to know if there are more bad guys in the world, and i don't know how to answer that question properly. so when someone rings the doorbell, he thinks it's him coming back, coming for him.
5:26 am
and so he -- so i think our biggest concern now is making sure that we handle his sensitive nature properly and carefully and support him and support our daughter, because she does process things very differently than he does. so that's our job as parents now, is to stay close to them, hold them, hug them, love them, and let them know that they are safe. >> victoria soto's sister and cousin say they are very proud she had the instinct to protect their students that friday morning and that that brings them some peace about what happened. they say she's a hero. a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so.
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welcome back everyone. it's half past the hour right now. i'm john berman with kate buoldan. this afternoon president obama will head here to newtown, connecticut where he will meet with the families of the victims. the president will speak at a vigil tonight. 12 victims were girls and 8 were boys. the medical examiner released all the names yesterday, so, so young. six victims were adults, all women that worked at the school. the united way set up a fund to collect donations for the victims' family in the community as a whole, it's called the sandy hook school support fund. all donations go directly to those affected.
5:31 am
>> we want to pay tribute to 26 people killed at sandy hook elementary school. here now are their names and ages. >> just a tragic, tragic situation for the teachers, the principals, and those angels. that's all i can think about, is those angels.
5:32 am
♪ >> i mean, when things happen to your children and to other people's children, i can't look at my children's faces now without seeing the faces of every one of their schoolmates. ♪
5:33 am
for more information on how you can help all of those affected by this shooting, you can go to let's go to victor blackwell in atlanta with a special guest. it's time for faces of faith.
5:34 am
this morning we're talking about turning to faith to find comfort in the face of unimaginable violence. rabbi lesser joins me now. he's from congregation in atlanta. thanks for coming in to speak with us. there are so many questions and so many difficult conversations. people are going to houses of worship. what comfort can your faith offer in a time like this? >> i think as a country we're grieving with the families and this horrible tragedy stirs up our own sense of grief and this possibility of what it would mean if it happened in our community and families. people coming together brings a great deal of strength and comfort. i think prayer. they're not the only vehicle. it's a powerful vehicle to express those really powerful emotions that grief can bring to us. the more that we gather, the
5:35 am
more that we talk about this, it helps us see the values we want to bring into our society. all of that for me is really positive steps towards how to deal with such an unspeakable tragedy. >> the church in newtown has been open 24 hours a day. we see pictures of packed churches and vigils. i want to play something robbie parker said, and then we're going to discuss it. >> that free agency is given to all of us to act and choose whatever we want. god can't take that away from us. i know that's something he was given, and that's what he chose to do with it. i know god can't take that away. i'm not mad. >> the question of fate and destiny and free agency, try to sort that out for us. >> first of all, i believe we have free will, and that we've been given all the tools to create a society that protects our children and cares for our children, and then in some ways we have to look at how we have
5:36 am
failed when we have moments like this. so i understand this idea of not being angry at god. i want to say it's okay to be angry right now. with grief we have many, many feelings, and i think faith can handle all of them. i think that this wasn't destined. there are things we could have done. in some ways the piece of grief that is the hardest is how do we look at how we're responsible. that may not be the first place we go. right now it's really just about reaching out and, you know, blessing our children, making sure that we're able to provide the sense of safety and security that they need and frankly we need at this moment, too. >> absolutely. our conversation is more about faith. i want to ask you something mike huckabee said, i want to talk about this, former pastor, former governor and former presidential nominee. he said we ask why they're violence in our school, but we
5:37 am
systemically removed god from our schools. should we be so surprised schools are such a place of carnage? people will make a sdid politically if they aagree or not, but what would you say the relationship is between faith and violence? can you prey away the tendency for something like this to happen? >> i don't think prayer is the only tool, and i think our schools would be much better in terms of teaching our children nonviolent communication, ways to reduce bullying. these kinds of things that keep our children with a sense of safety. when they do feel unsafe, the way that they continue to grow. so for me teaching values rather than prayer. prayer can certainly help that, but i don't think that's the way to go because of the complexity of faith in this country. shared civil values, that we have as multiple faith he people. >> we have about 30 seconds left. this is party season. last night of hanukkah and christmas is a week away.
5:38 am
some people probably feel guilty celebrating, dancing when this is happening. what do you tell them? >> i tell them from my faith tradition, judaism says you have to cling to life. i think we perhaps acknowledge our loss, the but it doesn't mean we have to completely separate ourselves. perhaps the time to remove excess from our sense of partying and connect to the real spirit of these days that tell us that family and a sense of gratitude for what we have is really important. that's worth celebrating in the midst of this tragic loss. >> rabbi lesser, thank you so much for talking with us. for more stories on faith check out our widely read belief blog. we'll be right back with more, live from newtown, connecticut. [ woman ] dear cat, your hair mixes with pollen and dust.
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the shootings here in newtown are stirring up memories of another horrible shooting massacre, the one at virginia tech university back in 2007. it does not seem it was that many years ago at this appoint. it seems like just yesterday. peter reed's 19-year-old daughter mary karen reed and 30 other people died in what is the nation's worst school shooting, deadliest school shooting. he joins us from our bureau in washington. thank you for joining us this
5:43 am
morning. a horrible reason and ordeal for us to be speaking with you. we appreciate your time. you have a unique perspective we all wish no parent had. tell us a little bit if you could what the parents here in newtown may be going through. now it's really just two days after this event. >> sure. first, let me say for all the families and survivors from virginia tech, we all identify with them and pass our condolences and our love and our best wishes to them and let them know we're going to be there for them in whatever way we can. the first few days are -- let me also say that every tragedy is individual and specific, so we don't know exactly what they're going through. we have some idea what they're going through. if their experience is similar it to ours, the first few days are just surreal. you can't describe the pit, i
5:44 am
guess, is the best word to describe that you descend into it. the only thing that keeps you going in the first few days is the love of friends and family. i'm struck by how that community is pulling together in their houses of worship and just the strength of the community. it seems to be carrying them through. that's going to be critical for them in the next few days, weeks and months. absolutely. >> peter, it's remarkable. there's so much love in this town. the churches have signs outdoors that say open 24 hours. one of the things people are saying, the families of the victims, is that they don't want to be defined by this shooting. they don't want this town and their families defined by this awful event. having been through this, is that possible, and how do you achieve that goal? >> well, i was reading this morning a quote from emilie
5:45 am
parker's father where he said that -- i was struck by how similar to things that were said and some of us said amongst ourselves about virginia tech. initially for the public, i think, most of the victim names and the families will be defined by the tragedy. i think as the stories of these children and their teachers become known, then that will change. now, within each family and within each group connected to each individual, it's very particular. it's not -- you're not defined by the tragedy and the name. you're defined by the particular loss that you suffered. so in each case that family now has a hole in it that's shaped like that person they lost.
5:46 am
that's going to go forward through their lives. the thing that they're going to have to learn, as we've all had to learn, is how it to live around that loss. you don't move on from it. you never move on it from it. when people say that, i don't know what they're thinking. you can move forward and find ways to move forward and honor the memory of the person that you've lost in how you live your own life. >> one thing that struck us, peter, is when you mentioned robbie parker speaking about his young, young daughter last night. he said, i'm not mad. he also sent his condolences to the family of the shooter. he sent his condolences for the family of the adam lanza. it struck many of us, that strength and humility. how do you square that when you know the anger i'm sure many are
5:47 am
still feeling? >> well, we had similar emotions and similar experiences. so i can understand his expression of that. we had similar feelings for the family of the person who did what he did at virginia tech. you cannot hold the family accountable for the actions of the individual, and they suffer a loss as great and painful as any suffered, and they carry an additional burden because just like, you know, i would wonder or i'm sure mr. parker wonders what could i have done to save my child? they wonder, what could we have done to make this come out differently? the answer is, probably nothing. there is probably nothing they could have done differently. i can fully understand when he says he may be angry at other
5:48 am
things, but i can understand why he says he's not angry at that family because that's -- that's just kind of a fruitless emotion at that point. you understand that they're suffering a loss as well. >> well, peter read, at this time when we pay tribute to the victims here in connecticut, we also want to pay tribute to your daughter, the daughter you lost, 19-year-old mary karen. everything that i have read and heard about her over the years is she was a very wonderful young woman with a very bright woman. and we want to pay a tribute to your family as well. thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you very much. >> we're going to have more news after the break including a possible move in washington, a move for senator john kerry perhaps headed to the state department. first, we want to listen to what president obama had to say about this mass shooting. like many of us when he started
5:49 am
to talk about what happened, the president, he could not hold back the tears. >> we've endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years. i know there's not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children, beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. among the fallen were also teachers, men and women who devoted their lives it to helping our children fulfill their dreecams. our hearts are broken for the pai parents of the survivors as well. as blessed as they are it to have their children home tonight, they know their children's innocence has been
5:50 am
torn away from them too early, and there are no words to ease thirp pain. this evening michelle and i will do what i know every parent in america will do, which is hug our children a little tighter and tell them that we love them and remind each other how deeply we love one another. but there are families in connecticut that cannot do that tonight. may god bless the memory of the victims and in the words of scripture, heal the broken-hearted and bind up their wounds. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth
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good morning again from newtown, connecticut. john berman here with kate bouldan. it is sunday morning. so many people in this town now headed to church services to continue to grieve, it to mourno
5:54 am
remember. we want to pause for a moment to look at all the names and ages of the 26 people killed at this horrible tragedy at the sandy hook elementary school.
5:55 am
>> much more ahead on the school shooting tragedy here in newtown, connecticut. first let's go to victor blackwell in atlanta for the latest on some of the other stories making headlines today. thank you. in washington we could be a step closer to a deal that would prevent the u.s. from falling off that fiscal cliff. sources tell cnn that speaker john boehner is prepared to raise taxes on the wealthy, specifically those making $1 million or more as part of a plan to reduce deficits. tax hikes for the wealthy are something the president said must be included in every plan. it's a change from boehner's
5:56 am
previous position. he called any tax increases a nonstarter. staying in washington, president obama appears set to nominate senator john kerry as his next secretary of state. the formal announcement could come this week. susan rice was the expected choice, but she pulled her name out of the running because of the controversy over her comments in the wake of benghazi attacks. hillary clinton was supposed it to testify this week, but sthaets on hold. she suffered a concussion and is resting at home. she battled a stomach virus and fainted after being dehydrated, but her office says it's not severe. all of our hearts are heavy this weekend with the tragic story out of newtown, connecticut, but coming up, a reminder we could all use. that good things do still happen. so, this board gives me rates for
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